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2 weeks ago

Brothers of District 18 (Pinellas County), the Pinellas Shrine Club - Egypt Shriners would like to invite you to a Beach Weekend, and to consider becoming Shriners!!!

If you have been considering ... See more

3 weeks ago

Our Past President Jay is brewing up some “Red Fez Beer” for the Egypt Shriners Summer Ceremonial this weekend!!! Do you know any Master Masons that could be good shriners (and like good beer?!?)

1 month ago

Pinellas Shriners...anyone an ace and can help us put together a team??

2 months ago

2 months ago

Great meeting last night!

5 months ago

Merry Christmas from the Pinellas Shrine Club

7 months ago

7 months ago

Proud to sponsor this event!

8 months ago

Pinellas Shrine Club is proud to co sponsor this event!!!

8 months ago

Happy to be here with the Nobles of Pinellas Shrine Club - Egypt Shriners

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